Tuesday, October 12, 2010

7 completely remove the USB device hardware approach

Use of U disk, MP3, MP4 or mobile hard disk and friends may often encounter "can not safely remove hardware" problems, when the "Safely Remove Hardware", it tends to suggest "It can not stop Generic volume device, please wait and then stop equipment ", N times will not work. Unplug afraid cause direct damage to hardware, how to do? Online solutions there are some here in Western e net order a bit, we can see what their actual situation for themselves.

1, Violence Act

In a switch of MP3, MP4 or mobile hard disk can be directly this way, Oh, that is MP3 or MP4 directly off the power. Theoretically, as long as the USB device is not flashing you can dial down (note there are no ongoing data transmission), especially over the current Windows XP operating system also supports hot swap the.

2, wait for the law

What you're likely to copy files, there are some cache or something. To determine all the relevant files and folders are closed. Wait a little while a little, which copies the computer, what other random small file and try again.

3, off Law

This approach is actually one of the best way, after the write-off or shut down the system can pull a natural.

4, the end of the process of law

Bring up the Task Manager to end the explorer.exe process, then the new task explorer.exe process, you can safely remove a USB device.

5, cancel the media preview of Law

In the "Start" - "Run" to input "REGSVR32 / U SHMEDIA.DLL", cancel Windows Media preview SHMEDIA. If it is to resume direct run "REGSVR32 SHMEDIA.DLL" can.

6, using other tools law

Install the software unlocker, open "My Computer" window, select the drive letter where the flash drive, from the context menu in the implementation of "Unlocker", from here you can clearly see that mobile devices currently in the process of access, click "Unlock" or "Unlock All" button, and then you can safely delete. If there is no file or folder is locked in a process, then directly in the drop-down list box, select "delete" operation on it.

7, killing the virus Law

Some time the USB device if you have the virus and the virus is running when this problem will occur, so regular there can not safely remove hardware problem, it is necessary for you to check narcotics U disk or MP3 virus the.

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