Thursday, July 15, 2010

Comparison of Insert and Rs.Addnew

Add a new record is way through the RecordSet object Addnew achieved, or by executing SQL statements in the insert statement can also add new records, why not choose the latter case? What is the difference between the two then?

In essence, ADO's Addnew method simply "Insert into" statement to package up, so direct use of SQL statement will greatly accelerate the speed of access to data, because he reduced the ADO's "translation" of time, especially when on When large amounts of data to operate more obvious. However, the shortcomings of the direct use of SQL statements: can not transfer the contents of the field too long, in the IMAGE field to the database by adding data, long text data, you need to use Addnew the. In addition, when the field is relatively long time to be a very long SQL statement, which led to easy troubleshooting, experienced programmers recommend priority.

In comparison, RecordSet object Addnew method first need to create a RecordSet object can be updated and maintained to Update the end, it is more consumption of system resources. But it has the advantage of better flexibility, code easy to read, easy debugging, recommend new users.

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