Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flash MX features tours of the three

Third, the kernel developers

3-1 Flash MX ActionScript Editor

Applications in ActionScript, whether the expert mode or Normal mode, the development environment have been greatly improved. Code suggest that the color code marking, search, replace, and automatic format checking these features, both for beginners or experts have greatly improved their efficiency. Drag the script, check references, source code available and so are easier to learn ActionScript.

3-2 顥?Flash MX code debugger

Resources with enhanced script debugger, set breakpoints, step code, and function layer to make the code more clean. This debugger can be run within Macromedia Flash MX, you can also run in the web browser.

3-3 Flash MX object and event model

Macramedia Flash 6 player, added a new feature that can operate objects and events, so you can make an object with the event change, such as using the mouse or keyboard events, which makes the code more similar to the event-driven.

Try, select the color, bold, italic, underline and location of the button to observe the changes of its properties.

3-4 Flash MX components

The introduction of the component (Component) concept, components, customizable interface for some common procedures, including the scroll bar, super text field, enter button, radio button, checkbox and drop-down list button to scroll through the list. These greatly speed up the development progress.

Dynamic mask 3-5

Mask with the new dynamic features can make a more brilliant effect. Mc movie clip components can create animation Zhe Zhao, ActionScript can also be used to achieve the effect of the mask.

Drag about any hexagon, to look at the effect of mc formed Zhe Zhao.

3-6 Flash MX Dynamic Media

Through dynamic load JPEG and MP3 media files, optimizing the file size, reduce maintenance costs.

Try it by clicking on the small picture to select a jpg and MP3 files, and then select UPDATE. SWF button to refresh the video.


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